2 October 2022 | Irrigates | Alpago

Start 09:00

1.378mt D + - 5.1km | 200 participants


The regulation is considered accepted with the confirmation of registration for the competition.

The Super Vertical Olimpo is a NON-COMPETITIVE event to promote the Territory.

The regulation can be modified by the organization at any time if necessary to ensure the safety of the participants.

All necessary measures will be taken to combat and contain the COVID19 virus.

The event will take place anyway, regardless of the weather conditions. If the weather conditions do not allow the arrival at the top, for safety reasons the race will be carried out on an alternative route already prepared by the organization.


At 09.00 in Irrighe, 834mt.

Upon entering the closed park of departure, the athlete will be checked for the starting bib AND THE COMPULSORY BACKPACK WITH CHANGE AND JACKET.


Summit of Mount Venal (Olimpo) altitude 2.212 mt. Part of the race takes place on the CAI path n ° 935.


Registrations are open. You can subscribe from here.

Iban for the transfer:

IT85 G089 0411 9000 1100 0004 272

Reason to report:
"Vertical registration Olimpo 2022 - Surname name".

If you made the bank transfer on the Friday or Saturday before the event, remember to provide the payment slip before collecting the bib.

Bib delivery

At the set up gazebo in the square in Irrighe from 07.30 to 08.45 on the day of the race - 2 October 2022.

The registration fee is € 20.00 with gadgets, assistance and final lunch.

Payment for registration will be made upon delivery of the bib or by bank transfer.

Medical certificate

It is mandatory to provide the competitive medical certificate at the time of registration or when collecting the bib or by e-mail to the address info@verticalolimpo.it

If the medical certificate is not presented, the time will still be recorded but the athlete will not enter the ranking and will not access the awards ceremony.

The Super Vertical

Considering the context and the period in which the event takes place it is considered mandatory the backpack with at least one change and the technical jacket. When entering the starting grid, the contents of the backpack will be checked. In case of absence or unsuitable content, entry will be prevented and the athlete will be excluded from the event.

The use of rackets is optional. Appropriate (trail) shoes are recommended.

There is a water refreshment point at the top.

The bib must always be displayed, in front and not behind, in order to facilitate the recognition of the participants both at the checkpoints and at the finish.

We reiterate that the organization reserves the right to change the route at any time, even without notice. In the event of adverse weather conditions and such as to jeopardize the safety of the competitors, the start can be postponed, the route modified and shortened and the race can be stopped at any point on the track.


In Irrighe at 15:00. The first 10 males and first 5 females were awarded.

Contact us

There is a page dedicated to contacts: you can consult it from here.