Here we will explain it to you and describe the route: it will allow you to analyze the race in all its development.


Small note: until 2016 it was called Salita all'Olimpo. Only from 2017 we decided to change its name to adapt it to the type of competition.


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The departure is in Cruden locality, close to the homonymous dairy.
The first stretch follows the forest road that goes up to the Fedarole hut. Immediately turn right for a thick beech forest that quickly brings you back to the path CAI 935.



Once you find the road again, there is a way to catch your breath but, after a meadow, you start going up again a scree gradually more insidious. Initially there is disentanglement between boulders and rocks, then between deposits of stones and gravel that yield under the weight.




The slope decreases slightly: after a short stretch between some outcropping rocks, tufts of grass and low-trunk conifers, you suddenly cross the strainer starting a vertical path that will quickly lead to the Burela. First refreshment: there is the possibility to drink.




After the buréla

Here the scenario changes. At 1,800m above sea level, once you reach a plateau dotted with boulders, you leave the CAI path and, keeping to the left, go up a narrow and very steep canal, helping yourself with the ropes prepared by the Alpine Rescue. Reached the top, immediately after the second refreshment, one carefully crosses a huge deposit of rocks following the red balises. Keeping to the left you start to climb up a soft and insidious scree.




Fatigue makes itself felt: you go up through the lopes, looking for the steps suitable for your step. You can see Federole fork, Piai peak. You can guess where the top of Olympus is located.




You go straight on, verticality is felt. Another key passage is crossed and safely crossed: a well-equipped exposed beam. Then the last ramp begins: the incitements are heard and in a few minutes you reach the summit, with a breathtaking view that allows you to see the Alpago basin, the Dolomites, the Friulian mountains and the foothills.


Olympus achieved!




The descent will be autonomous and will retrace the same route: except for bypassing the buréla for the original route of the CAI 935 path. The support of the organization's volunteers is guaranteed until the end of the event.

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