10 October 2021 | Irrighe | Alpago

Start 09:00

1.378mt D + - 5.1km | 150 participants

How to get

How to get to start of the race it will be explained to you on this page.

Irrigates is part of the municipality of Chies d'Alpago and is located at about 850mt of altitude.

To get there, once in Puos d'Alpago follow the signs for Lamosano. Then continue towards Chies d'Alpago and, having crossed the Molini hamlet, follow the road to the left for Irrighe (well marked by a road sign).

The technostructure is set up in the town square, 100mt before Sanctuary of Irrighe.

Here is the link to get the directions: enter where you start from and you will get the map to get to Irrighe.

There departure of the vertical is close to the technostructure. We have made appropriate arrangements signs with the indication "Olympus" to facilitate reaching the departure.

There is ample parking available for athletes near the start. You can read the regulation and analyze the course of the race on the dedicated pages.

The pasta party and the awards ceremony will take place in piazza ad Irrigates, at the predisposed shed. The awards will be starting from 15.00.

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Tenth Edition | 2021